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29 Jul


Anantharaman (Yatin Karyekar) is an upright, honest government servant, who stands as an example of a perfect citizen among the society. His daughter Divya, who dreams of sharing her life with abold and fearless guy, but is quite choosy when it comes to her partner’s caste. In a comedy of errors she mistakes Saravanan (Santhanam) as a Brahmin and express her love to him. But when she finds out he is from another caste. Saravanan tries to convince her Dad, but Anatharaman who is orthodox, doesn’t approve of Saravanan and his family. Divya too breaks up with Saravanan as she cannot go against her father’s will. But challenges Saravanan to spot at least one bad quality in her dad and if he finds one, she is ready to sacrifice her family and marry him. One night when Saravanan and his friends drink too much they plot against Anathraman which turns everyone’s life upside down. What happens next is the rest of the story.

Director Johnson makes it clear that he not here to make something different, he sticks to a specific storyline and fills it with gags and makes it fun throughout. Santhanam too hasn’t tried to overdo anything, even the romance is kept to bare minimum he just concentrates on comedy and delivers it neatly. Santosh Narayan’s music is fine, the Gana songs were entertaining. The cast which involves MS Bhaskar, Thangadurai, Manohar, Maran, Kingsly, Sai Kumar and Motta Rajendran keeps us entertained till the end. I give the movie 4/10

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