K-13 Movie review

06 May

The Story starts with a bang, as you see our Hero Madhiyalagan (Arulnithi) is tied to a chair unconscious and a mysterious lady dead beside him. From there Madhiyalagan recollects what happened the night earlier to where he’s now. How he gets out of this predicament is the rest of the story.

The plus point of this film is the way the director takes us into the story, which keeps us occupied in the first half. Arulnidhi once more give a subtle but a strong performance and does justice to his character. Shraddha Srinath too gives a decent performance. Sam CS as a music director plays a huge role in the movie as he creates the right mood for the film which immerses the audience in to the film. Though the movie shows running time of 102 mins it’s still slow  and drags in the second half. The audience are forcibly pulled in the last 15 mins into a twist which doesn’t work and makes the audience disappointed. With a possibility of becoming a good thriller K-13 fails miserably in the second of becomes a mediocre thriller. I give it only 3/10

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