Uriyadi 2 – Movie review

08 Apr

Lenin vijay (Vijay Kumar) is an easy going young man who is unworried of his future. He along with his two friends are in lookout for a job. Finally with a recommendation from a family friend three of them get jobs at the local chemical factory which produces pesticides. Incidentally this factory was banned in several other foreign countries, but illegally formed with the help of corrupt politicians. Life goes carefree for the three young men, until one of worker dies in a fatal accident which on post-mortem shows involvement of poisonous substance, a few days after one of the friends comes in contact with chemical leakage and dies. Lenin Vijay realises that poor maintenance is the cause behind them and tries to alert the authorities, the local leaders and his people. The owner of the factory bribes all the officials and the political parties and shuts the situation. But the factory in its weary condition looses control and leaks gas which ends in a great disaster to villages nearby. How Lenin Vijay and the villagers fight for their rights and get over this disaster is the rest of the story.

Uriyadi 2 which only has traces of the earlier film is more of a disaster movie than a action thriller. Though the movie has 90% of unknown cast, still this film gives the right tone for the movie without unnecessary over acting. The first half slow and forms the base for the film with friendship, love & political aspects. While the second half is hard hitting with melodrama. Though Vijay kumar’s acting is not on the stronger side, but dialogues gives command in the second half. The climax too is not convincing and ends very weak. I give the film 5/10

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