Iravukku Aayiram Kangal – Movie review

13 May


Film starts with Bharath (Arulnidhi) is taken into a police station, where he is questioned on suspicion. As he is questioned , a murder case is brought by a senior official with a suspect in hand. Bharath is ushered off as the murder case is bigger. Little did the police know that Bharath is involved in the murder, what unfolds is series of incidents told by characters in the story which coincides with the murder. Who is murdered and how Bharath gets involved in this is the rest of the story.
Arulnidhi is one of actors who chooses subjects which he is suited for, iravukku aayiram kangal is also one of them. He is suited for the role and does a decent job too. But the rest of the actors other than Anandraj do not gel in the storyline and act very amateurish. The storyline takes you into number of subplots which are unnecessarily hyperlinked to the main story. This involves too many characters which the audience loose track off. Even in the end the director tries to bring in a twist which is abrupt and leaves the audience in disgust. The film gets 4/10 for an decent thirller.

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