Irumbu Thirai – Movie review

11 May


Kathiravan (Vishal) is a major in the army with serious anger issues, due to his troubled childhood.when he gets into trouble in far too many occasions, his higher officials send him to a psychiatrist for anger management.In comes Rathidevi (Samantha) who gets into Kathiravan’s head and makes him understand he has to get down to his roots and rediscover himself though his family. So Kathiravan returns to his family and sorts things with them.parallel to this a cyber gang led by “white devil” is hacking into people bank accounts and swindling them of their money through various scams. When kathir’s family also falls prey to this gang, his world his turn upside down and cat and mouse game in on between kathir and White Devil. How this ends is the rest of the story.

Irumbu thirai is a hard hitting on the current digital world and how common man is innocently caught in it. it does openly show people how their information is used and circulated without their knowledge and how they are deceived too.More than just preaching, it also educates them to a certain level. Vushal is apt to role and does give a good performance, more than him Arjun takes command and the second half and totally dominates the screen. Samantha does a very subtle role and breezes through. Mithran the debut director has done a decent research and constructed a good screenplay which makes the film strong. Though the first half could do with some trimming the second half is fast and ends decently. Music and BGM plays is good and elevates the important scenes. Irumbhu thirai is a decent cyber crime thriller to watch i give it 6/10



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