Naachiyaar – Movie review

18 Feb

“Naachiyaar” opens with great expectations, starring Jyothika and G.V.Kumar in the lead roles. The story starts with ACP Naachiyaar (Jyothika) who is on her way on a long pending family vacation, is interrupted by a tip which links to long pending case.This takes her to pregnant Arasi(Ivana) a rape victim who has been on the run . At the same time the accused Kaathavaraayan alias Kaathu (GV Prakash) is also apprehended and brought under custody. When Naachiyaar finds out that there was a mutual consent between the them , she makes the case unofficial and takes in the girl under her care since the girl is a minor. But things get complicated when the baby is born and the DNA doesn’t match between the Kaathu and the baby. How Naachiyaar solves this puzzle is the rest of the story.

No matter who comes to Bala he brings the best from them, So welcome to the graduation of GV Prakash as an better actor thru this film. Jyothika too has performed well in role , but in order to bring her more into the character unnecessary scenes were added which made it look artificial onscreen. Great debut by Young Ivana , who was also impressive. With good dominating characters ,story and screen play was not up to the mark and becomes the weak spot of the film. Though the film was just 100 mins, the second half was dragging and was just running around in loops. Will just good performance make Naachiyaar a hit? It gets only 4/10 from me.

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