Savarakathi – Movie review

12 Feb

Pichai (Ram) a fabler by nature and a barber by profession is forced to accompany his deaf wife Subadra (Poorna)to her brother’s marriage who has eloped with his rich girlfriend. On the way he gets into Squabble with an enraged Don Manga (Mysskin) who is spending is last day of parole in the city. Manga who is already annoyed with fact that he has to spend the next 3 years in Jail, gets his ego tested when a low life like Pichai challenges him. Thus starts race against time and wits between the two as Manga vows to take out Pichai head by sundown.

Though this could have been made as a commercial thriller, the director brings in a two unlikely characters and make this film an enjoyable dark comedy. All three lead actors Ram, Myskkin and Poorna are extremely good; though at times look over exaggerated. Rest of the cast support well and add flavor throughout. Dialogues are very striking and hard hitting. First half just rushes through, second half’s pace is much slower but keeps you engaged. Duration of the second half could have been reduced and kept the film to 90min duration.  The film might not be enjoyed by all , but has its moments which touches every one. I give it 7/10

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