Kalakalappu 2 – movie review

12 Feb

The Sequel to Kalalalappu , this story forms in the backdrop of colorful Kasi,  Raghu ( Jai) comes to kasi to claim his ancestral property to rebuild his career. He stays in a huge mansion which is maintained by Seenu( Jiva) which is actually is the property which Raghu has come to claim. Seenu finds out who Raghu is from his friend Aishwarya (Nikki Galrani) who is the tahsildar. Seenu who is ready to hand over the property to Raghu is stalled due to his sister’s marriage and his burdened with debt. Apart from having ownership of the same property both of them are swindled of money from Ganesh ( Siva) . when the ownership is resolved, Ganesh again comes into their lives to cause more trouble. How the catch Ganesh and get their money back is the rest of the story.

Comedy of errors forms the genre whole film, which has been flooded with a huge cast of comedians. Sundar C follows the same pattern of the previous film, but this one fails as it doesn’t have simple narrative.  Instead it has too small sub stories with a enormous cast, which just confuses the flow. Jiva and Jai fail miserably it comedy, but Siva in the second saves the day partially. Catherine Teresa and Nikki Galrani barely act, but they are used just as glamour dolls. With overflow of characters and too many loops Kalalalppu 2 does bring laughter but no logic and story. it gets 3/10

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