Padman – Movie review

10 Feb

Padman based on the true life of Arunachalam Muruganatham , director Balki wastes no time as he takes the audience into story of Lakshmikant Chauhan (Akshay Kumar) and his newly wed wife Gayathri (Radhika Apte). His pleasant life is disturbed when he tries to change his wife’s habit of using a cloth instead of a sanitary pad during her mensuration period. Gayathri refuses to use pads as it’s costly but more than that she is embarrassed as why her husband is showing interest on this matter. But Lakshmi goes a step further by making his own version of the pad, so that cost doesn’t come into the way of hygiene. Slowly this obsession of pads makes Lakshmi a look like a pervert in his own village, but Lakshmi is determination to make a low cost sanitary pad doesn’t stop. When an experiment of his fails miserably and he is publicly humiliated, the whole village turns against him and his wife too abandons him. What happens to Lakshmi Kant’s mission thereafter forms the rest of the story.

PadMan breaks the menstrual taboo which still remains as a shameful curse in our country in which just around 20% of women use sanitary pads. Director Balki forms a very good narrative which is strengthens the story and delivers the message straight forward. Akshay’s portrayal of the lead character is phenomenal and takes him to a great height. If its Radhika Apte in the first half, Sonam kapoor in latter half which shows two distinct characters who stands side by side in support of the lead actor and the story. Th romance inbetween might just be the out of sync portion in the whole film , but that doesn’t hinder with the main story or its cause. All technical departments set the whole mood and takes us into a period where you just forget what year this whole event happens in the film. Legendary PC Sreeram’s cinematography forms an integral part of the story in communicating the film to the audience. The film gets 7/10

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