Aruvi – Movie review

17 Dec


Movie starts in a stormy night , where a suspected terrorist Aruvi ( Adithi Balan) is interrogated by a the chief of anti terrorist wing. The whole place is filled with people associated with the Aruvi are also interrogated . At that point we are taken into the story of Aruvi from her childhood to the point where she has been pushed to by the society which his running behind money and lacks basic human values.
Debutant Arun Prabhu deserves a standing applause and truly appreciated for the brilliant story and executing this movie. Aditi Balan too deserves the best for her performance. Every aspect, the cast,screenplay, music and other technical departments were executed with care. Only cinematography was off balance in some sequences other than that the film for me is flawless. Aruvi makes you laugh and cry in the first half while the second half takes you into much heavier emotions . Aruvi deserves 10/10

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