Sathya – movie review

11 Dec

Sathya (Sibi Sthyaraj) a businessman Australia leading very dull life, is surprised when he gets a claw from his ex – Swetha (Remya Nambeesan) from chennai asking for his help. He immediately leaves to Chennai to find her in near psychotic state after losing her child Riya by kidnapping. The worst thing is the law enforcement has closed the case and her husband to has also ¬†given hope. Sathya too makes inquiries , but it always ends to a dead end. Soon he finds out that the Riya is hallucination in Swetha’s mind, due to her trauma when she got car jacked. But Swetha is convinced that there is conspiracy behind this and everyone is lying, including her husband .How will Sathya solve this is the rest of the story.

Though Sathya is a remake, good performances and decent edit makes it good watch. The director manages to keep the audience at edge of their seat till the end, though the climax seems to be forced in duration. This performance makes it the best from Sibi Sathyaraj as for the rest of cast too gives a decent performance.Song and bgm were well made and keeps us engaged throughout. This thirller gets 5/10

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