Thiruttupayale 2 – Movie review

02 Dec

Selvam ( Bobbie Simha) is honest cop living peacefully with is wife Agal (Amala Paul). When Selvam is given an important assignment of tapping to phone calls of politicians and high level government officials his life changes. He uses this medium to exploit and twist situations and starts to make money. Soon he becomes addicted to this and it’s affects his family life . Once when he is listening to an illegal affair between two people , he comes across an womaniser named Balkrishnan ( Prassana) who targets housewives thru facebook, first he impresses them and finally brings them to his control and uses them. Things gets heated up when Selvam realises that his wife is also fallen prey to this pervert, his whole life gets distraught. When Selvam tries to push Balki out using his power , he gets into more trouble as Balki threatens to expose is corrupt life and wife’s relationship with him to the public and starts a dangerous game of cat and mouse between each other. How this ends is the rest of the story.

Sushi Ganeshan takes upon common people who are vulnerable to the new age technology , which they are easily addicted too. How there lives can be easily manipulated by strangers to whom your personal life becomes an open book. Story which revolves around three characters played really well by the lead roles, especially Prasanna who clearly dominates the film. Amala Paul plays the innocent wife , but in some scenes over does it. Bobbie Simha does a decent job , but we have seen much better performances by him. Good research on the subject helped the makers to deliver this seamless storyline which keeps you engaged till the end. The film seems slow in the second half and maybe rushed in the end, maybe they could have speeded up the first half to accommodate the main story which develops only in the second half. I give it 6/10

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