Annadurai – movie review

02 Dec

Annadurai (Vijay Antony) is a kind hearted man who becomes an alcoholic when his fiancée has a tragic accident. Though his family and brother try to change him, he is not able to get over his loss. Thambidurai his twin brother is PT master in a school, though he is equally good natured person, he disregards his elder brother due to his bad habit. When Thambidurai is approached with a marriage proposal, tragedy strikes in the family as Annadurai is charged of murder in a bar brawl and sent to prison for seven years . How this event changes the lives of his family and whether Annadurai is able to restore the lost peace in his family is the rest of the story.

Vijay Antony in recent times has created a good fan following group after his hit film Pitchaikaaran. Though his choosing of stories are different, he manages to bring it his favour which ends up decent. Annadurai starts with a decent first half with mixture of sentiment and love. Vijay Antony though with very subtle emotions manages to fit in the both the characters. Female leads could have been chosen well as they couldn’t deliver in the intended roles. The second half fails miserably as the story takes you to a never ending spiral of mess. Amateur screenplay and direction takes the film further down and becomes flat towards the end . Annadurai gets only 2/10


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