Hara hara Mahadevaki – Movie Review

30 Sep

Young lovers Hari ( Gautham Karthik) and Ramya( Nikki Gilrani) are breaking up and they decide to return gifts they got in this relationship. Hari mad upon this decision packs all the gifts given by Ramya in bag which was given as election gift by one of the political party. This bag forms the center the story as at the same time similar bags with fake notes , a bomb and ransom money cross paths in the story . In a series of comedy of errors these bags exchange places and hands and cause chaos as they all land up in the hara hara Mahadevaki resort causing total chaos. How this ends is the rest of the story

Hara hara Mahadevaki stands true to its “A” certificate and delivers a movie filled with adult comedy which lacks a continuous storyline. It’s divided into different segments which barely come together at the end. Based on the adult comedy by whatsapp Swamiji it does attract youngsters who enjoy the most. Gautham and Nikki don’t add any additional flavour to their characters but just deliver what the director asked for. Other cast members join this lazy storyline and run clueless without any direction. Hara hara Mahadevaki fails to exploit the main theme to max and ends embarrassing itself. The movie gets 3 for the attempt on adult comedy.


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