Taramani – Movie review

17 Aug

Taramani is a story two individuals Althea Johnson (Andrea Jeremiah) and Prabhu (Vasanth Ravi) who have different lifestyles in the so called developed corporate world. Story set in the corporate hub of Chennai – Taramani , takes thru the large number of issues which are affecting the common man’s life. Althea a single mother working in a male dominant IT industry meets Prabhu who is affected from love failure and is a wandering loner. Rest of the story is how they fall in love and how their relationship gets complicated.

Director Ram neatly inserts sharp truth as needles throughout the film. He speaks about various issues which is affecting the world around you apart from the love story which forms the base. Andrea Jeremiah is the right choice for the role and she performs brilliantly, new face Vasanth ravi too pulls it off and gives a decent performance. The second half is slow as the movie which deviates from the main story which could have been trimmed or totally taken off. Yuvan’s music is a big plus and adds strength to the strong writing of Ram. Taramani is a must watch.. I give it 6/10

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