8 Thottakkal – Movie review

10 Apr

Film opens with a murder, witnessed by Sathya a young orphan, working as a house hold. He is accused for the murder and sent to juvenile prison. He is adopted by the jail warden and raised to be a police man. As a honest cop he is always targeted by senior officials and bad mouthed by his comrades in his own station. Things get worse for Sathya when he loses his armed weapon when he is on a stakeout. As Sathya tries to get back his gun, the gun falls on the wrong hands and is used in a bank robbery and leads to a murder. How Sathya gets back his gun and apprehends the criminal is the rest of the story.

A well thought script and some intelligent narrative makes 8 Thottakkal a good thriller. Debut Director Sri Ganesh as shown promise in his writing though his execution could have been better. Lengthy scenes and unwanted songs slows the pace in the film. Vetri was a miscast as he was just a zombie in the whole film. The second half was carried by M.S. Bhaskar who gave very good performance. New face Aparna Balamurali was better than Vetri, but need to learn more. With a reduced duration and better execution this could have been very good hit. I give it  5/10

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