Dora – movie review

02 Apr

Dora Pavalakodi ( Nayanthara) and her dad live a happy life in the city, when she are ashamed by her Aunt, Pavalakodi and her father challenge them to beat them in their own call taxi business . They end up buying a car which is haunted by a dog’s spirit which wants to take revenge on three criminals. Initially though very disturbed by this , Pavalakodi soon finds out they she too is involved in this and she was chosen by the spirit to help take revenge. She agrees to help and rest is how they take revenge on the perpetrators.

Dora is one film which shows how a movie ,even with a good performer can be so bad. Though Nayanthara does her part , she is lost in this predictable and lousy horror / drama/ comedy film. Thambha Ramaiya ends up as an irritating character throughout the film . Though the story starts in the second half it has a stale screenplay with uneventful horror. Dora gets 2/10


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