Yakkai – Movie review

04 Mar

Movie starts with a murder of a Dr.Krishnamurthi ( Radha Ravi) founder of H+ hospital. His murdered body is found in a car which is pushed from the 14th floor of his hospital parking lot. This murder is investigated by Saghayam ( Prakashraj), who is specially appointed for this high profile case. Each clue or person connected to the murder ends up dead or missing. Though son of the murderd Sriram( Guru Somasundaram) knows who is murderer is , he has his own agenda behind this killing. In a parallel story Kathir ( Krishna) is a Viscom student who is in love with Kavitha ( Swathi). Though at first Kavitha neglects Kathir due to his childish nature, falls in love with himafter looking at his kindness. How these two stories are linked, is the rest of the story.
Though Yakkai starts well, an undercooked screenplay makes it a boring movie. Every actor tries to impress and ends up overacting, and with a slow paced storytelling , this just makes the audience irritate. Krishna can do better , but his selection of movies has to more precise and support his style. An average work in all the other departments , make this movie degrade further. Yakkai gets 3/10




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