Yaman – Movie review

25 Feb

Story starts 30 years back in a village in Tirunelveli ,local elections are due and a leading party chooses Nambi who belongs to a backward community class to stand in favour of them. Since he is married to a forward community girl , the party believes he has the chances of winning. But a former candidate from the same party ThangaPandi (Aroul Djody) kills Nambi in the name of honour killing and takes his place in the elections. Nambi’s wife too commits suicide leaving behind their only son Tamilarasu with his grandfather. 30 years forward Tamilarasu (VijayAntony)who runs a liquor bar is in need of money for an operation for his grandfather. He agrees to go into prison for a accident he didn’t commit for getting the money. But once he gets into prison, he realises he is framed for murder attempt thru this accident between two gangs led by either political sides. Tamilarasu who’s has nothing to loose plays both sides cleverly and comes above them. At that point of he meets ThangaPandi now a minister of state,who is linked to all of this . slowly Tamilarasu is drawn into the cat and mouse game played by the politicians giants, how he manages to survive is the rest of the story.
Once again Vijay Antony manages to find a story which suits his acting skills, and he has improved a bit from his earlier films. Yaman with very well made first half keeps you alert. The whole cast is well chosen , except for Mia George who doesn’t have scope as her character doesn’t fit in the film. Thyagarajan who plays an ex minister makes a good comeback, may we see him in much better roles. Songs are only a waste of screen time as they are dull and not executed well. Vijay Antony must refrain from dancing as it doesn’t suit him nor does he do it well. Second half is dull and makes you wait for the climax, trimming the songs and a few scenes might help. On the whole Yaman does have a decent story line and is moderatly executed. It gets 5/10

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