Singam 3 – movie review

13 Feb


Singam 3 Duraisingam (Surya) is assigned to new case in which he has to help the Andhra government to solve a police commissioner’s murder. This involves Duraisingam to be transferred under special terms and work with the state police. Once Duraisingam starts to investigate he steps into a bigger conspiracy which makes him a target to people in high places. Duraisingam is threatened and defamed but he doesn’t loose is patience . How Duraisingam stands tall and brings people to justice in the end is the rest of the story.

Singam 3 offers nothing new comparing its previous chapters, other than having a lot of more villains and more loader than ever. The camera work brings you headaches before the intermission and if you survive that you are in for more in the second half. Songs are dull and meaning less. Surya still manages to pull it off as the honest cop running behind goons and fighting an army of baddies in the film. But a long and looping screenplay brings the actual film only in the second half. Shruthi Hasan is just a glamour doll attached to fill up screen time. The film is loader than ever and tries to boss you over with huge action scenes whenever you fall asleep. I give S3 only 4/10



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