Kaththi Sandai – Movie Review

25 Dec

The movie starts as container vehicle full of cash is apprehended by the Asst commissioner of police Tamizh Selvan ( Jaggapathi Babu)The cash given back to the state , the commissioner is promoted to Deputy commissioner. Enter Arjun ( Vishal ) comes new to town just to seduce Divya (Tamannaah) and make her fall in love with him. Incidentally Divya is also the DC Tamizh Selvan ‘s sister. What is Arjun real motives do why is he targeting them is the rest of the story.
Director Suraaj doesn’t have great repetition from his earlier films and it isn’t going the change after this film too. Just having a content for 20 mins of real film time ,he goes round and round with a stupid comedy scenes and mindless drama. With decent releases this year Vishal finishes with this complete nonsense. Soori embarrasses himself to the max, as Tamannaah who gave a decent performance in Devi, doesn’t do much. Vadivelu who gives a comeback through this film, manages to give us a few laughs but nothing new. Overall Kaththi Sandai fights with a blunt knife. Be sure to keep distance from this film. I give it 2/10


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