Saithan – Movie Review

02 Dec

The film starts in a Psychiatrist clinic were Dinesh (Vijay Antony) explains to the doctor that he is hearing voices in his head and is asking him to commit suicide. The Psychiatrist hypnotizes Dinesh to find out what happening to him, this is followed by flashbacks of Dinesh’s life. In next few days Dinesh’s acts abnormally as he is constantly tormented by the voice in his head . He keeps hearing the name Jayalakshmi and gets flashes of incidents which he has never seen before. Who is this Jayalakshmi ? How Dinesh finds her and put a stop to his misery is the rest of the story.
The first half of Saithan was well executed and builds enough suspense to make us curious for the second half , but very bad screenplay in the second half and bland ending makes the audience leave in disgust.Vijay Antony manages to pull it off, besides the lack of emotions on his face. New face Arundathi Nair gives a decent performance . While spooky BGM was apt throughout, the camerawork could have been better.Songs were a disaster and never blended with the movie . A different approach in the second half could have supported the hard work which was shown in the first . I give in 4/10


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