Kashmora – movie review

30 Oct


In the beginning scenes of the film we see Kashmora (Karthi) is a black magic specialist , helps a family which is tormented by a spirit. He fights the spirit and saves the family. He issued as a saviour to the public and even Prayed as God my the people who come and visit him and his family in his Ashram. In reality he and his family are all frauds fooling people and running scams . Yamini (Sridivya) a college student who is fascinated by ghosts and after life tries to join Kashmora’s group. But she learns his true colours and waits for an opportunity to defame him. Meanwhile a politician reaches Kashmora to get rid of bad luck and to save him of imprisonment from an ongoing murder case. With luck and coincidence Kashmora saves the politician and becomes more popular. When all in favour of Kashmora he is approached by old man to help him wade of bad spirits from his house. Though reluctant at first Kashmora agrees to help him,little did he realises that fate has drawn Kashmora and his family to the spirits themselves . What happens next is the rest of the story.
What starts of like horror drama, coverts to a horror comedy and entertains the audience to the maximum. For Karthi comedy comes naturally and he performs with ease. Accompanied by Vivek and well sorted cast the first half just breezes through in a flash. Though Second half is slightly dragging with some serious storyline, it doesn’t loose its humour foundation and entertains the audiences. Karthi as the villainous Rajnayak in the second half is not completely convincing but carries through. Nayanthara is wasted in the second half, while Sridivya is barely visible in the film.CGI and VFX are decent, production design is good, but music and songs are big disaster and could have been better. But still Kashmora does entertains, so it gets 6/10


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