Kodi – Movie review

29 Oct


Kodi and Anbu ( Dhanush) are twins of Karunass a party worker, who sacrifices his life for the his political party. Kodi also follows his father’s footsteps and slowly becomes the leader of the youth wing. Though Kodi is actively involved in politics his twin Anbu follows his mothers steps and becomes a professor and exact opposite to Kodi. Like Kodi his girlfriend Rudra ( Trisha) is also into politics from childhood , but in the rival and ruling party. When a public crisis raises questions on Kodi’s party , Rudra tries to make use of it to raise herself in the party . This breaks the Kodi and Rudra relationship , and also tests Kodi’s loyalty to his party. What becomes of Kodi is the rest of the story.
Kodi is well scripted political thriller, which has commercial elements to satisfy Dhanush’s fans . Being the first film in which Dhanush has acted in dual role, there is lot of expectation and Dhanush doesn’t fail to use this opportunity to his strength. Dhanush performs well in both characters and carries the film on his shoulders till the end. If it’s Dhanush in the first half,Trisha dazzles in the second half, she escalates her acting skills to carry the character of a politician and balances Dhanush’s performance equally. Premam fame Anupama Parameshwaran makes a brief but decent performance. To many cast members is also a problem in this political thriller as you lose concentration briefly. The story though manages to keep you active with twists and turns , it looses its way in the second half and finishes rather dull. Kodi flutters but doesn’t fly high. I give it 5/10

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