Pulimurugan – Movie review

23 Oct


Hailed as the saviour of villagers of Puliyur ,Pulimurugan ( Mohan Lal) is the king of the forest who saves them from the man- eating tigers which stray into the village. After a brief flashback of how he becomes a hunter we are taken into life of Pulimurugan and his family. Though Pulimurugan is a fearless hunter, he is also a loveable husband and a caring father. Life in the forest is peaceful until Pulimurugan gets into trouble with the law when he helps his brother’s friends . He is forced to leave his village and take sanctuary under a businessman / kingpin named Daddy Girija( Jagaapathi Babu ). What becomes of Pulimurugan after this is the rest of the story.

Though Pulimurugan is predictable almost all the way, it’s the screen presence and the magic of the complete actor Mohanlal which keeps you engaged. Rest of the cast just tags along and fill the rest of screen . Other than Mohanlal, Lal who comes as his uncle gives a good performance. Kamalini Mukharjee as Pulimurugan’s wife is quite decent in her role. Vfx and camera work have worked in tandem to produce some good visuals, though some shots could have been better. Key technical area is the stunts by Peter hein which stands out, he created specific stunts for the veteran actor, which looked believable onscreen. The major drawback is the editing and a very slow storytelling. With lot a unwanted scenes and stray characters it becomes never ending story. Pulimurugan is still watchable just for the complete actor. I give it 5/10

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