Remo – Movie Review

09 Oct


SK ( Siva Karthikeyan) is an upcoming actor who’s only ambition in life is to become as a superstardom films. He tries every other audition but doesn’t go ahead because interacting or even conversing with women is tough for him. He finally find’s his true love in Kavya ( Keerthi Suresh) when he meets her for the first time. But he is shy and doesn’t convey his love, when he gathers his courage to propose, it’s becomes too late as she gets engaged and her marriage is fixed . Dejected he gets back to his acting. He auditions for a lead role in which he has to act as a female droning a nurse character. But he fails in the audition too , while returning home he meets Kavya who mistakes him for a nurse and offers a job in the hospital where she is a doctor. Assuming this as a second chance with Kavya, SK continues to act as a female . How far does he go make Kavya love him is the rest of story.

Whether this movie becomes a success or not , Siva Karthikeyan should be applauded for taking up this role and experimenting in his early stage of his career. And he does this role gracefully and with full commitment. The dialogues are made for him and the young crowd goes mad at him by just his presence . Keerthi Suresh was chosen right for the role and gives a decent performance. Yogi Babu, Sathish and Naan Kadavul Rajendran add additional comic flavour. Sharanya as siva’s mother was perfect. The brilliance of PC Sreeram and magic of Anirudh and Resul Pookutty glamorises the predictable storyline and hides the missing logical pieces. Though the second half drags a bit with unwanted songs and few repetitive scenes, it still entertains the crowd. I give Remo 6/10


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