Devi – Movie Review

07 Oct

Krishna ( Prabhu deva) is an eligible bachelor who wants to love and marry an ultra modern girl. When his grandmother gets sick back in his village, he is forced into marriage to a village girl Devi ( Tamannaah ). distraught and ashamed to face his friends he and moves away and finds a new place to stay. He lands up in flat which was recently abandoned in which he moves in a hurry .He tries send his newly wedded wife back to the village buts all his ideas backfires. Things get little creepy when he finds his wife acting differently and a change in her personality. What changed her ? and how it changes his married Iife , is the rest of the story.

After a making a series successful films as an director, Prabhu deva returns to main stream acting. His acting skills and his dancing skills is good as ever and his timing sense in comedy makes this horror comedy a watchable one. Tamannaah too makes a good effort in acting and even shows us she can dance better when an opportunity is given. Sonu Sood makes a extended cameo appearance but doesn’t shine.Sadly though the script had nothing new to offer, missing the usual spice in a horror comedy and turns out to be bland one. First half sails through but the second half starts fairly ,becomes slow and finishes blunt. Devi gets 4/10



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