Thodari – Movie review

24 Sep

Poochiyappan ( Dhanush) is a pantry vendor in a train bound to chennai. Born an orphan his only aim in life is to marry a caring women and lead a simple life. When he meets Saroja( Keethi Suresh) a touch up girl accompanying a film star in the train, he decides she is one for her. In a turn of events and human errors, the train runs out of control, he is chased by a psychotic army commando and its all upto Poochiyappan to save the day and 750 people Inside the train. How it ends ? Watch Thodari.

Prabhu Solomon always has the knack to mesmerise audience with beautiful scenery and natural narration, so when he teams up with Dhanush , expectation is very high. Thodari starts very sluggishly with disconnected scenes and slow narration. But it makes a strong impact at the end of the first half. Dhanush carries the whole film on his shoulders but with a weak screenplay ,his burden becomes heavy. Keerthi Suresh does a decent job. The story is spoilt with lot of sub plots and wayward narration. Songs doesn’t impress and are placed in awkward places which irritates the audience. Vfx is a mess and makes lot of scenes weak. With a lot of things in the plate , but few which stands out , Thodari gets only 4/10



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