Iru Mugan – Movie Review

09 Sep

The movie starts in Malaysia inside the Indian embassy , where terrorist attack involving a super human drug is initiated. The incident connects a mad scientist and terrorist known as Love, who is assumed dead four years ago. To investigate this attack RAW agent Akhil Vinod (Vikram) is brought back into the force. Incidentally he was the agent who carried out the mission against Love earlier , but went rouge after his wife Meera (Nayanthara) was killed during the mission. How agent Akhil Vinod finds the terrorists behind this and stops them is the rest of the story.
Iru mugan sets pace for a good action movie in the first half , Vikram does a good job of playing both the hero and the villain , and tries very hard to differentiate both characters , and balances them neatly. Nayanthara looks glamorous and does her part well. Nithya Menon doesn’t get enough screen time to get highlighted, but does a decent job. Thambi Ramaiya is wasted in his character and doesn’t shine. Other cast members are just by standers and are chosen in random .It’s the slow and sluggish second half which kills the movie, the story doesn’t carry weight and moves wayward. The whole movie looks claustrophobic and compactly framed , but for the songs which were shot outdoor. Songs and BGM are good and executed well. With only Vikram’s performance ,Iru mugan gets only 5/10

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