24 – Movie Review

07 May

24 movie poster

After giving us a unique horror film “Yavarum Nalam” , Director Vikram Kumar comes back to Tamil industry to give us a Sci-fi flick with Surya and AR Rahman. The story opens in a Laboratory inside a huge mansion located in a forest. There we see Sethuraman (Surya) a Scientist completing his “Project24” a time traveling gadget watch. At the same moment his evil twin brother Athreya ( Surya) comes to claim the invention . Knowing that his brother will use this invention to control the past and future, he hides it in his son’s cradle. Before getting killed by his own brother, Sethu manages to save his son and the time machine, and Athreya too gets seriously injured. The story then unfolds after 26 years, where we ‘Mani’ (Suriya) is a watch mechanic, who still has the gadget but doesn’t know its capability. Athreya who wakes up after the 26 year coma plans to get the gadget again the relive his lost years. Will Mani comes to know about his past thru the time traveling watch? And will it fall in the Athreya’s hand? Well that forms the rest of the story.

First Director Vikram should be applauded to give us a decent Sci-fi flick, with a near convincing plot. The screen play was well conceived and executed. Surya does a neat job of all the three characters, especially that of Atherya . Samatha does a decent job of her little screen time. The first half was the longest and annoying part of the film with one repetitive dialogue from Surya’s mouth.  Editing could have been better. A R Rahman’s songs where good to hear but song execution and concept was boring and weak, songs were watchable only because of the Artistry of the Cinematographer Tirru. The best was from the Camera and the Art dept who kept each frame mesmerizing. The second half seems to have been rushed but ends well to keep the audience satisfied. I give the movie 5/10

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