Theri – Movie Review

17 Apr

eTheri-First-Look-Poster copy

Theri Much anticipated “Theri” with Atlee and Vijay combination released on Friday , this movie was widely expected to be a hit as last two films of Vijay was average. Joseph Kuruvilla ( Vijay) a soft spoken baker lives a simple life along with his cute daughter Nivi ( Nainika) . His normal life is disturbed when he has a conflict with the local gang. When he is pushed to corner and his daughter’s life is threatened , Joseph comes out his hibernation and shows his true colours. This starts a chain of events which leaves Joseph and his daughter run for their lives. Who really is joseph Kuruvilla? And why is he chased by villains ? And how he tackles them is the rest of the story.

A complete entertaining film is delivered by Atlee and team. Entertaining first half makes Vijay fans go crazy . Vijay takes charge from the beginning is complimented well with good dialogues and clean screenplay . Samantha proves once again that she can step up as a good actress when the chance is given, she does a great job. Nainika’s performance was well moulded by Atlee. Her scenes were enjoyable and cute. Motta Rajendran and Radhika play Important roles and perform decently . As much as the first half was well scripted the second half was really weak, dull and predictable.its strays without direction and ends rather raw. Vijay struggles in emotional scenes, Infact weakest points in the film are the emotional scenes . The veteran director Mahendran who plays the villain is quite weak in his character and doesn’t match Vijay’ s heroics. Amy Jackson was just their to fill the screen , her character doesn’t do much in the story. Music was a huge blunder, songs are messy and the Bgm blares all over the film loudly. Cinematography and Art direction are key elements which should be clearly applauded . A planned first half is clouded by a weak and dull second half, but still manages to get 6/10


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