Kanithan – Movie review

27 Feb


Gautham ( Atharvaa) is energetic reporter in a local to news channel, whose ultimate ambition is to work for the BBC network . His dream comes true when he is called for an interview and also gets selected. But tragedy strikes when he gets arrested for bank fraud with fake certificates. His life becomes a big question mark as he loses his dignity and his identity. He investigates and finds out that a huge network which is stealing Identities and lives of countless others . How he brings them to justice is the rest of the story.

Debut director Santhosh gives us a entertaining movie with a strong message. Atharvaa is lively in his character and proves he can single handedly carry a movie all by himself. Casting were fine but nothing special, Catherine who comes as his love interest was emotionless under her multi layered make up, and her wardrobe could have been better. Cinematography and editing was top notch and complimented the story well.BGM in the film was engaging but the songs were disappointing. Even though the movie starts slow it catches up and keeps the audience engaged. The problem is that it completes the first half so crisp, it leaves the second half dry. Second half is hollow with unwanted scenes which makes the audience groan, and stumbles fast in the end. I give it 5/10

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