Sethupathi – Movie review

20 Feb


When an sub-inspector is burn alive by hired killers, the crime lands in the hands of Sethupathi ( Vijay Sethupathy) an honest but ruthless cop .The case leads him to Vathiyaar ( Vela Ramamoorthy) a rich business man who commands Madurai with his double dealing and shady practices. He manages to arrest Vathiyaar but the case doesn’t stand and he gets out on bail. Meanwhile Sethupathi is suspended on a case which makes him loose his composure.Thus begins the cat and mouse game between them, how Sethupathi handles himself and Vathiyaar makes the rest of the story.

A very straight forward story with no great surprises makes Sethupathi a watchable family drama. Vijay Sethupathy is apt for the character and does a great job as a honest cop,a loveable husband and a great father. Remya Nambisan does a decent job and make an adorable match onscreen. Vela Ramamoorthy makes decent villain but weak story telling with no gripping sequences and weak dialogues makes the movie dull. Even the action sequences make you yawn. The audience literally wait for something great to happen but are disappointed.The 2hr long film makes you feel like 3hrs. With a faster cuts and bit more spice applied this movie would have been a huge hit. I give it 4/10


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One response to “Sethupathi – Movie review

  1. lucifermetatron

    February 23, 2016 at 4:37 am

    Well the story seriously sounds uninspired, but not even the action scenes sounds like it makes it remotely entertaining. I think I’ll skip this one. I rarely see films from India in general, might as well spend that time on checking out something that won’t be a 2 hour bore fest.


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