Jill Jung Juck – Movie Review

13 Feb


It’s the year 2020 , the world is become a calamitous place to live in. Filled with crime lords and greedy associates , one has to be fast on the draw to survive the day. Like our three main characters Jil (Siddharth ), Jung (Avinash Raghudevan) and Juck (Sananth Reddy) each has a specific talent are chosen by a drug lord to deliver his last consignment . The drugs which has been coated as paint on a vintage car has to be delivered to a specific location on time. Their simple journey turns chaotic when the car is lost . Chased by rival gangs , running out of time and the drug lord behind their backs , they have to find a way get out of this mess. How they do that is the rest of the story. Siddharth is one actor who often experiments with different genre , this usually elevates the curiosity and the value of the film. But this role was made for him and he doesn’t disappoints us. I fact all three lead actors perform in perfect tandem and one of the reason why this dark comedy is watchable. The advantage and the disadvantage of the film are the huge ensemble of characters which makes the film unique, but giving them equal importance and screen space drags the second half into loops and delays the film. The visuals looks great for this futuristic story but the costumes could have been better. Dialogues is the key element and the main feature which keeps the audiences engaged but the slow second half drains our energy and we loose interest. I give it 4/10



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