RajiniMurugan – Movie Review

17 Jan


Rajini Murugan ( Siva Karthikeyan) is a idler living in Madurai with his parents who are school teachers . He and his friend Thotathri(Soori), often get into trouble with their antics. Rajini Murugan Is in love with his childhood sweet heart Karthika ( Keerthi Suresh) but a foolish mis-understanding in the past between their fathers keeps them apart. He realises its high time he change his attitude and starts a business along with his friend. Even though he works hard,none of business survive. Finally his grandfather Ayyankalai ( Rajkiran) comes forward to help him, he asks Rajini Murugan to sell the ancestral property and start a business with his share. For that he has to bring all his relatives around the globe and complete this task, when a new problem arises. How he manages to fight this is the rest of the story.
Rajini Murugan turns out to be a nice comedy drama which the whole family can sit and enjoy, Siva Karthikeyan and Soori combo works perfectly and Keerthi Suresh gives a decent performance. A good ensemble of a cast makes the film complete. But the duration of the film and lack of a good screenplay makes the film a never ending noodle. Comedy helps in sitting through the film but becomes repetitive and dull after some time.The highlight of the film is the cinematography by Balasubramaniem who manages to keep every frame a masterpiece . Songs give a brief relief in between but too many of them make them uneasy. Overall Rajini Murugan keeps the audience come out on a smiling note which is a plus for any film. I give it 5/10


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