Gethu – Movie Review

17 Jan

Movie starts with the introduction to a high profile assassin called the ” bull” ( Vikranth) getting his next assignment to kill a scientist in the next 30 days. Then we are shifted to KumiI where our Hero Sethu ( Udaynidihi Stalin) a librarian living peacefully with his Father Thulsiraman (Satyaraj), mother and sister. His Father the high school P.T. Master runs into trouble with the local councillor and his brother who run a bar near the school premises. Sethu gets into a fight with the brothers when his family gets threatened . The next day one of the brother is found dead and evidence make Thulasiraman the suspect and he is arrested. Sethu starts to investigate the murder along with his police friend (Karunakaran) when they stumble upon a bigger conspiracy behind the murder, how they solve it is the rest of the story.

What’s starts as a interesting thriller , fades off into thin air . Story wanders without a path and ends as predicted and dull. It’s happy to know that Udaynidhi has come out of comedy and tried an action thriller, but his dead and emotionless acting tells us that he is not ready for it. Amy Jackson just comes in as a glamour doll, and doesn’t make any impact on the story. Vikranth as an actor has more potential but is wasted even without a decent dialogue in the film. Film doesn’t comply with its own title and just ends up being a failed thriller . I give 2/10



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