Kathakali – Movie Review

16 Jan


Story is formed in Cuddalore , which is under control of Thambha (Madhusudhan Rao) a local don. Thambha with his two brother in laws tries to keeps every business in the town under their control . Even though Thambha is surrounded by enemies , he has local people supporting him treating him as a King . Amudhan ( Vishal ) who is returning home from abroad for his wedding ,is meeting his family after 4 years.We are briefly told about a feud between Amuthan’s family and Thambha which had left Amuthan’s father disabled permanently and his family troubled. Which is also one of the reasons why Amuthan had left Cuddalore. While Amuthan is busy in his marriage arrangements,he hears the news that Thambha has been murdered and he is one of the suspects. With police chasing him, Amudhan fights to clears his name and finds out who killed Thambha .

Vishal often tries to experiment in different roles and chooses themes which engross the audience till the last minute, this is also one of them. Director Pandiraj gives us a decent thriller with twist and turns keeping the audience guessing till the end. Casting has been carefully chosen and decent performance even though they are a whole lot of them.But the main plot of the film takes it own time to come out, the first half is wayward and most of the scenes with Catherine ,Karunass and Vishal combo could have been avoided. The tempo of the film which raises in the end of the first half doesn’t continue in the second half till the end. I give it 4/10




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