Thaarai Thappattai – Movie Review

15 Jan



The story revolves around a folk dance group lead by Sannasi ( Sasi Kumar) and their lead dancer Sooravali ( Varalakshmi Sarathkumar). Sooravali is madly in love with Sannasi , and even though Sannasi loves her, he is reluctant show it. The troop struggles a lot to survive as every aspect of entertainment is commercialized these days. In the midst of survival , Sooravali gets a marriage proposal and Sannasi makes the ultimate sacrifice for Sooravali to have a normal life. What happens to Sooravali and how the troop survives without their lead dancer is the rest of the story

Its definitely the maestro’s show all the way has he dominates with his mesmerizing music. His music not just compliments but glorifies each and every moment in the film. Varalakshmi lives in the character and dominates the first half completely . But lack of strong screenplay and a wayward second half makes the film incomplete . Though some may say that Sasikumar has underplayed his character, for me it looks dead and weak. R K Suresh’s character was over acted and repulsive. Lack of concentration on the main theme makes the film fragile. I give it 3/10




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