Thangamagan – Movie Review

19 Dec


Thanga Magan tells us the life of Tamizh ( Dhanush ), we follow his happy teenage days, his love , his breakup, his marriage ,his happiness and his sorrows. He falls in love with Hema (Amy Jackson)a girl way out of his league , but he charms his way through and finally makes her fall in love with him . But their love doesn’t last long and breaks up in a small misunderstanding.He is left distraught, life goes on and he joins his father (KS Ravikumar) to work in the same office. He gets married to Yamuna (Samantha) and starts to lead a normal life. His peaceful life is turned upside down when his father faces corruption charges and his father takes a drastic decision . How he manages to clear his father name makes the rest of the story.

Thangamagan is a clean and a full family entertainer , Director Velraj proves that you don’t need too many mass moments or exaggerated fights or colorful locations attached if your story and screenplay is matched to near perfection. His feel good romance and few but well crafted mass moments makes this a clean hit at the end of the calendar year. Dhanush just lives thru the character and carries the film on his shoulders throughout. Both lead actresses have a decent role to perform and play their part equally well , although Amy Jackson’s lip sync was of 60 % off, but her acting was better than her previous venture. Samatha is challenged with a different role as a middle class wife, but does it well enough to be her best performance till date. Satish who plays Dhanush’s inseparable friend provides the comic relief which balances the film well. Radhika and KS Ravikumar perform well and where tailor made for their roles . Music is big plus in the film and songs where directed and placed in appropriate places which helps the film move. The only draw backs was the second half was not as strong as the first , it seemed too easy for the hero at the end of it . That said Thangamagan is still worth your money , I give it 6/10



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