Thoongavanam – Movie review

11 Nov


Diwakar ( Kamal Hassan) and Mani ( Yugi Sethu) are two police officers who intercept a drug convoy, which ends in a shootout killing one of the gang member and Diwakar getting stab wound. Mani who planned this heist wants to sell this and get out of his debts. But things get out of hand when Diwakar’s son is kidnapped by Vittal Rao ( Prakash Raj) who needs his drugs back . Diwakar decides to return the drugs when the drug stash disappears. How Diwakar handles the situation and saves his son is the rest of the story.

Kamal takes centre stage of this film and never lets downs his fans even for a minute. His performance stands out and carries the film. Rest of the cast just accompany and takes his lead. Yugi sethu’s usual over acting and Prakash raj’s casual performance makes it a balance. The action scenes were well choreographed and executed. Ghibran’s music supported the film well. The second half duration spoils the mood of the film and drags till the end. I don’t know why they had to follow each and every element so the original movie , some elements where just done since it was in the original. Thoongavanam ends up being a faithful remake of the original ‘Nuit Blanche’ ( Sleepless night). I give it 5/10 .

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