Bruce lee – The fighter – Movie Review

18 Oct


The story starts of with showing two children and boy and his elder sister growing in a middle class home, unable to make them both study in high caliber school, the father chooses his son to study in that to fulfill his dream of making his son an IAS officer and puts his daughter study in a mediocre school. But since his sister wants to study and become and IAS officer the brother deliberately fails in his subjects and allow his sister to study and also make his father’s ambition come true. This boy grows up to a Stuntman Karthik alias Bruce Lee (Ram Charan) who helps his sister Kavya (Kirthi)reach her goal.Meanwhile when helping his friend adorning a police costume he is mistaken for a real police man by Riya (Rakul Preet Singh) who involves him in real crime incidents which brings him into the radar of a Notorious Gang lead by Deepak Raj (Arun Vijay). How Bruce lee manages to fulfill his family dreams and manage to overpower the villains is the rest of the story .
The above story is just the part of few sub plots in the film as the director unable to maintain a decent story line but manages to add humor and sentiment and keeps the audience engaged .The only problem is apart from the well choreographed stunt scenes and songs sequences the rest seems to be out of order. Too many characters and wayward direction makes the movie boring . The first half runs aimless without a decent story line and when the actual story starts in the second half it drags a lot. Songs too end up as a repetition as they sound the same music and placed at inappropriate places in the movie.  Comedy helps the movie to sustain a even heartbeat but doesn’t impress the audience in the end. I give it 3/10

P.S : A surprise cameo by Chiranjeevi helps the crowd go wild at the climax .


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