Kuttram Kadithal – Movie review

27 Sep


Kuttram Kadithal’s  story in a single line is how it changes  lives of two induviduals one of the teacher’s life who hits a naughty child in the classroom and the life of the child who goes into coma after being struck by the teacher . Its is an emotional tale which constitutes various attributes of our society , staring from religion, love ,poverty , our education system to death. It shows how a single event can affect all these and yet have a simple answer which everyone evades .

This is completely a director’s film,Director Bramma skillfully executes each and every scene which has been thought without any commercial angle.The actors perform to perfection though some scenes might be a little exaggerated and lengthy. Each character has been well thought and presented and has a value in the story .cinematography and sound design are the key elements for the movie which narrates most of the scenes which has no dialogues.The only drawback is the again the length of each shot in the movie with takes its own time to materialize , not all shots need it. Presentation of each scene dominates the scene and story in some areas. i give it 6/10



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