Trisha Illana Nayanthara – Movie review

19 Sep



The story follows the life of Jeeva (GV Prakash) who grows up along with two girls, Ramya (Anandhi) and Aditi (Manisha Yadav). Apparently all the three are born on the same day in the same hospital, same time.At the young age Jeeva falls in love with Ramya , but they break over a misunderstanding and Ramya leaves town . In this period Adithi comes into his life. After loving Jeeva for 3 years they break up when Jeeva finds out that Adithi is a habitual drinker. Distressed with his life he leaves to Kumbakkonam to live with his Uncle (VTV Ganesh). There he sees Ramya again and tries to mend his relationship. Whether he succeeds is the rest of the story.

From the word go this film is evident that this film falls in a Sex comedy genre filled with  ‘A’ jokes and double meaning dialogues. There is no reason for audience to look for a story or a worthy screenplay to go with. GV Prakash though apt for the role, is worthless as an actor. He is mostly shown drunk and spurting foul language .Anandhi who showed signs of a natural actor in her previous film, is wasted in this role. She will regret doing this film. VTV Ganesh gives some comedy relief but doesn’t impress. Too many scenes with anti- women dialogues spoil the show, but were cheered across the theatre among the teenagers. One thing I agree with the director is it’s a ‘ Kevalamana Love Story ‘ . Certainly not for the family viewing. I give this movie 1/10


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