Maya – movie review

17 Sep


Maya The long awaited Horror flick starring Nayanthara and Aari released today. The movie starts with two parallel stories, one with Arjun (Aari) as an artist working in a publishing firm . He is intrigued by mysterious story of Maya who was forced into an asylum situated inside a forest called Mayavanam. Since this story is based on true events he and his friend is pulled deep in the mystery. Parallel to this Apsaras (Nayanthara) who just come out of a broken marriage is an actress who is trying to make ends meet along with her year old daughter. She is staying with her friend where she is experiencing paranormal activity around her daughter. How are both these stories linked forms the rest of the movie.

Even though directed buy a debut director Saravanan , the story has a matured presentation and supported by a good technical team. The story though predictable at times has its moments which make the audience on the edge of the seat. Aari who made a impression in his first film ( Nedunchalai) is very natural in his performance . Nayanthara underplayed her performance but still manages to get highlighted thru the character. Cinematography by Sathyan stands out and BGM by Ron Yohan matches the genre perfectly. The only flaw is the duration of the film and the extended ending which should have been trimmed. Few portions are still left unexplained which defies logic, but still differs from a normal horror movie. I give it 5/10.

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