Paayum Puli – Movie review

05 Sep


When a ruthless gang targets business men around Madurai and Trichy district and extort money, the police manage form a plan and suppress their attack. But the gang kills the lead Inspector and proves their dominance. In comes ACP Jayaseelan (Vishal) who with his point blank approach manages to wipe out the gang, when the story takes a new twist which will test his wits against the evil mastermind.

While everyone may think that it will be usual Vishal police story, Suseenthiran manages to break that and bring in the offbeat touch. Vishal of all his police stories manages to be clear headed and performs well. We can also find traces of Pandiya nadu – their previous venture in this film. Finally the director manages to complete the film with family sentiments, pride and honor in the second half which is entertaining and faster .The problems in this film are the Romantic scenes with Kaajal Agarwal and the comedy scenes by Soori which doesn’t connect nor entertain in any way. They prove to be a distraction from the begging and make the 2hr 15 min film look like 3 hrs. . Songs doesn’t impress but the BGM is better. Velraj does a fabulous job; his drone top angles create a new field of vision to the audience. In all Paayum puli manages to cross half the distance. I give 5/10

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