Maari – Movie Review

19 Jul

The films follows Maari  (Dhanush ) a local dada , who has control over triplicane area .He collects “Mamool” from the market
area in return for protection and raises pigeon for races. Backed up by a Don named Velu he maintains clean record and has no hassles with the police.In comes a new Sub inspector Arjun (Vijay Yesudas) who tries all means to put Maari between bars and take control over the area. He reopens a cold case in which Maari’s name was involved and with some help of Maari’s rivals puts Maari in Jail. How Maari regains his position is the rest of the story.
The aura of Dhanush as the character Maari makes the audience forget the lack of Story with a crappy screenplay in the film. Dhanush acts is heart out and makes people crazy with his screen presence .The chemistry and combination between Robo-shankar and Dhanush super exceeds that of Kajal Agarwal and Dhanush.Robo Shankar is a value additiuon in this picture who makes the film move without a dull moment .Vijay Yesudas ‘s attempt as an actor is miserable , best stick to music. Anirudhs’s music makes people scream and dance but after a point it becomes very repetitive .Lack of Direction with just punch lines and slow mo of Dhanush will bring only 4/10


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