Baahubali – Movie Review

11 Jul


This epic story starts showing a fatally wounded Sivagami the Rajmatha ( Ramya Krishnan) of the Mahishmathi kingdom emerging from secret tunnel carrying an infant. Surrounded by a huge waterfall she sees a nearby tribe across the river and gets into the water. As the water pulls her deep she manage to keep the baby afloat until help arrives from the tribe. The baby boy is taken in by the chief’s wife and brought up as their own and named as Shiva .The boy grows up with a curiosity of the world behind the mountain and he often tries to scale the mountain but ends up in vain. The foster mother ( Rohini) stops him from climbing the mountain fearing he might leave her. As times flows Shiva grows into a man (Prabhas)but his curiosity still lingers.One day he finds a mask of a woman which falls from the mountain. This elevates his curiosity and he climbs the mountain through the blanket of the water with a purpose to find the women behind the mask. How he meets her and learn about his true identity is the rest of the story.

Like his previous films Rajamouli has a very strong narrative supported by a huge and talented cast. Prabhas does best in both of his roles and holds the audience in a spell. Sathyaraj as Kattappa is well suited for the role. The most outstanding performance is from Ramya Krishnan as Sivagami. Rana as evolved as better actor thru his role in this film. Tamanna manages through with her matured character. Anushka sparkles even in the little screen time she gets in this first edition of the film. The film starts with very slow pace but catches up at the interval block. Certain lengthy scenes should have gone thru eyes of editor again. Songs doesn’t create magic in this action filled movie but the background score is top notch. Vfx is the best so far in Indian cinema. Especially the war sequence in the second half was perfectly shot and executed .But some bird eye view shots of the kingdom and the Avalanche scenes could have been better. The cgi watermark was really irritating. Awaiting the release of the second part. This epic saga gets 7/10



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