Papanasam – Movie review

04 Jul


Papanasam the remake of Drishyam hits screen with lot of expectations as the Malayalam version was a huge success. The film starts with Suyabulingam ( Kamal Hassan ) sitting inside the police station taking us into flash back describing the reason for him to be there. Suyabulingam who runs a cable tv service in Papanasam and lives with his wife Rani ( Gautami)and two daughters. Labeled as a penny pincher by the people around him, is often caught vulnerable to his family . But he is also known to be a honest and motivated person to the people close to him. Though he is educated till just fourth standard , his source for knowledge comes from the movies which he is so passionate about. His peaceful world is rattled by an outsider which ends a life by accident. How the family recuperates from that is the rest of the story.

Number one :The success of this film , even though being a remake was only possible by retaining the same director Jeethu Joseph who did the original. Number two: Kamal Hassan who submitted himself to do the role which Mohan Lal had lived in the original and recreated the character for the Tamil version. Kamal Hassan takes charge of the movie and single handedly mesmerises the audience . The film never deviates from the original and remains faithful in all terms. Saying that Gautami was a miscast for the role , she never really gets into the character and acting looks rusted. Asha Sarath and Ananth Mahadevan were perfect for the roles and Nivedha Thomas even though looks older for a school girl manages through. The Thenkasi slang doesn’t dig in completely as not all characters get it right . The length of the movie is also long , it takes forever in the first half for the characters to settle down and every scene is elaborated. Second half is better edited and moves quickly. Papanasam an exaggerated lengthy version of Drishyam gets 5/10.

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