‘Yagavarayinum Naa Kaaka’ – movie review

28 Jun


The film starts with the slide saying based on true events , tells the story of four friends . one of Saga (Aadhi) who comes from the middle class family who is pampered by his other three friends who are sons of the rich and famous.Saga is always the clear headed one who but trusts his friends more than any one in the world. But things change when an unfortunate incident happens on the New Year’s eve which changes their lives upside down and Saga is made to take a decision to choose sides between his loved ones and his three friends . Does he make right decision forms the rest of the story.

Too many characters and unwanted sub plots make the main story uninteresting and bland . Even though the huge star cast has equal amount of screen space, the movie drags till the end even with twists and turns in the story. the first half is meaning less and just rolls over to the second half which has too much to explain . Aadhi has performed well for his character, And gilrani has also done a good job .Mithun Chakraborty who plays a important character is given less scope for acting and Nizhalgal Ravi’s choice for his voice dubbing doesn’t suit him.Songs doesn’t stand out and music doesn’t create any impact for the movie. This dragging movie with few energetic scenes deserves 3/10


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