Indru Netru Nallai – movie review

28 Jun


The film starts in 2065 in a science lab, where a scientist ( Arya in guest role) Is explaining about his time travel machine to his mentor. He gives a demonstration of it and sends it back to 2015 . Unfortunately the for some reason the machine doesn’t return back, and that’s where our story starts with our main characters Elango (Vishnu) and Pulivetti Arumugam (Karunakaran) who stumble upon the time machine along with Parathasarthy an inventor ( TM Karthik). It takes them a few attempts to understand the time machine and the changes it brings to the present if the past or future is tampered with. Keeping that in mind they run a business of finding lost things to people using Puli’s astrology firm as base. But thing get out of hand when one of theirs quests changes a event which might end their lives and of their loved ones. How they turn things to normal is the rest of the story.

The key to the success of the film is they kept the story and the narration simple without any confusion. A time travel quest would normally end up changing a huge event and The story would land up in a world of confusion and ending up in disaster. But director Ravi Kumar kept it simple and clear but without losing its sci-fi nature . The initial 20 mins dragged but after that the movie flew without any turbulence.Vishnu and Karunakaran share equal screen space and perform to perfection. Mia George was perfect match as Vishnu’s love interest and did a good job. TM Karthik was perfect for the role of the geeky inventor . The only miss was perhaps the villan Sai Ravi who could have been a better choice. Vfx was not complicated and used to only in places needed , but the time machine itself looked a bit odd in shape .Vasant’s cinematography eases the film with good compositions throughout and Music by hip hop Tamizha was apt, especially the BGM . I give it 6/10


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